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This page lists publicly available data from various research sites, weather stations, etc. that I’ve worked on at some point. Currently its out of date until I make myself a data catalog. Email me or check the links below if you have questions.

AmeriFlux NMEG cluster

I was the Data Manager for a cluster six AmeriFlux eddy covariance sites between 2014 and 2016 (the New Mexico Elevation Gradient). These sites have been running for 8 or more years, so quality assured data since approximately 2007 should be available from the AmeriFlux network database. Follow the links below to access data and if you have questions contact the current Data Manager, Marcy Litvak (the PI), or me.

Hidden Canyon

A weather station and soil sensors network in operation from 2009-2013 in the Wasatch Range in Utah. For more info see the wiki pages. The data below are corrected, gap filled datasets being developed for a modeling study. So… they are very provisional and not all sensors are included.

Red Butte Canyon weather stations

There are four old stations in the Red Butte Canyon research natural area near the University of Utah campus. For older data and more information on these stations see the official RBC data page and the wiki pages.

Rio Mesa weather stations

Two weather stations are located at the U of U Rio Mesa field station. The stations have been in operation since June 2006 and these data are current to July 2013.



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