Gregory E. Maurer

10 Sept 2018

Dept. of Environmental Science, Policy and Management                       Tel: 801 716-0293 (mobile)
University of California, Berkeley                                                       Email:
130 Mulford Hall #3114                                                                   Web:
Berkeley, CA, 94720-3114

Research interests

I study biogeochemistry and ecohydrology, particularly the effects of climate, global change, and disturbance on the structure, function, and distribution of terrestrial ecosystems. I use geospatial data, process-based models, micrometeorology, stable isotopes, and other methods with the chief aim of understanding the earth system and informing the management and conservation of its resources.

Academic positions

Postdoctoral Scientist: September 2016–present
Dept. of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, University of California, Berkeley, CA

Postdoctoral Scientist: August 2014–September 2016
Department of Biology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM


Ph.D., Biology, University of Utah, May 2014

Certificate in Applied Geographic Information Science, University of Utah, 2007

B.S., cum laude, Biological Sciences, University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2001

Selected coursework:

Ameriflux Data and Tech Workshop, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, 2015

Radiocarbon in Ecology and Earth System Science, University of California, Irvine, 2008

Advanced Statistical Modeling for Biologists, University of Utah, 2012

Peer-reviewed publications

(see also

Rudgers, J.A., Y.A. Chung, G.E. Maurer, D.I. Moore, E.H. Muldavin, Collins, S.L. 2018. Climate sensitivity functions and net primary production: A framework for incorporating changes in climate mean and variability. Ecology.

Morillas, L., R.E. Pangle, G.E. Maurer, W.T. Pockman, N.G. McDowell, C-W Huang, D.J. Krofcheck, A.M. Fox, R.L. Sinsabaugh, T.A. Rahn, M.E. Litvak. 2017. Tree mortality decreases water availability and ecosystem resilience to drought in piñon-juniper woodlands in the southwestern U.S. JGR Biogeosciences.

Biederman, J.A., R.L. Scott, T. Bell, D.R. Bowling, S. Dore, J. Garatuza-Payan, T.E. Kolb, P. Krishnan, D.J. Krofcheck, M.E. Litvak, G.E. Maurer, T.P. Meyers, W.C. Oechel, S.A. Papuga, G.E. Ponce-Campos, J.C. Rodriguez, W.K. Smith, R. Vargas, C.J. Watts, E.A. Yepez, M.L. Goulden. 2017. CO2 exchange and evapotranspiration across dryland ecosystems of southwestern North America. Global Change Biology.

Maurer, G.E., A.M. Chan, N.A. Trahan, D.J.P. Moore, and D.R. Bowling. 2016. Carbon isotopic composition of forest soil respiration in the decade following bark beetle and stem girdling disturbances in the Rocky Mountains. Plant, Cell, & Environment, 39: 1513–1523.

Biederman, J.A., R.L. Scott, M.L. Goulden, R. Vargas, M.E. Litvak, T.E. Kolb, E.A. Yepez, W. C. Oechel, P.D. Blanken, T.W. Bell, J. Garatuza-Payan, G.E. Maurer, S. Dore, S.P. Burns. 2016. Terrestrial carbon balance in a drier world: the effects of water availability in southwestern North America. Global Change Biology.

Maurer, G.E., and D.R. Bowling. 2014. Dust effects on snowpack melt and related ecosystem processes are secondary to those of forest canopy structure and interannual snowpack variability, Ecohydrology, 8: 1005–1023.

Hall, S.J., G.E. Maurer, S.W. Hoch, R. Taylor, D.R. Bowling. 2014. Impacts of anthropogenic emissions and cold air pools on urban to montane gradients of snowpack ion concentrations in the Wasatch Mountains, Utah. Atmospheric Environment, 98: 231–241.

Maurer, G.E. and D.R. Bowling. 2014. Seasonal snowpack characteristics influence soil temperature and water content at multiple scales in interior western U.S. mountain ecosystems, Water Resources Research, 50: 5216–5234.

Ruess, R.W., R.L. Hendrick, A.J. Burton, K. S. Pregitzer, B. Sveinbjornsson, M.F. Allen, G.E. Maurer. 2003. Coupling fine root dynamics with ecosystem carbon cycling in black spruce forests of interior Alaska, Ecological Monographs, 74: 643-662.

Publications in preparation or review

Oerter, E.J., J.V. Mills, G.E. Maurer, K. Lynn, L.N. Lammers, R.G. Amundson. Greenhouse gas production and transport in desert soils of the southwestern USA. (in review at Global Biogeochemical Cycles)

Maurer, G.E., A.J. Hallmark, R.F. Brown, S.L. Collins, O.E. Sala. Sensitivity of net primary production to precipitation variability across the United States (in review)

Maurer, G.E., J.V. Mills, E.J. Oerter, R.G. Amundson, L.N. Lammers. Measured and modeled soil carbon cycling in the Mojave desert: toward projected regional greenhouse gas budgets. (in prep)

Maurer, G.E. and D.R. Bowling. Forest soil carbon stocks and isotopic composition along mountain climate gradients of the interior western United States. (in prep for Ecosystems)

Maurer, G.E., D.J. Krofcheck, S.L. Collins, M.E. Litvak. Variation and uncertainty in long-term measures of ecosystem carbon balance in Chihuahuan desert grasslands and shrublands (in prep)


AGU Fall Meeting 2017 – Sensitivity and asymmetry of NPP in response to climate variability across the conterminous United States (Talk)

AGU Fall Meeting 2017 – Modeled and measured carbon cycling in Mojave Desert soils: toward present and projected greenhouse gas budgets for arid regions (Poster)

AGU Fall Meeting 2015 – Seasonal precipitation and deep soil moisture recharge as competing drivers of carbon and water fluxes across a gradient of semi-arid ecosystems. (Poster)

AmeriFlux Principal Investigators Meeting 2015 – Seasonal and interannual variability in available water and coupled CO2, H2O, and energy fluxes along the New Mexico Elevation Gradient. (Poster)

AGU Fall Meeting 2014 – Soil carbon cycle 13C resoponses in the decade following bark beetle and stem girdling forest disturbance. (Poster)

AGU Fall Meeting 2013 – Dust and canopy effects on snowpack melt and ecosystem processes in a Utah subalpine forest. (Poster)

Fusion seminar (UU Biology Dept. Fall 2012) – The Weather Underground: The influence of seasonal snowcover on soil temperature and water content in the western U.S. (Talk)

AGU Fall Meeting 2012 – Sensitivity of soil temperature and soil moisture to seasonal snowpack variability in western U.S. mountain ecosystems. (Talk)

AGU Fall Meeting 2011 – Sources of variability in winter soil temperature moderation by mountain snowpacks. (Poster)

AGU Fall Meeting 2010 – Influence of dust deposition on snowpack melt rate and ecohydrological processes in a subalpine forest. (Talk)

Research and travel grants

UU Graduate School and Dept. of Biology travel funding (AGU Fall meeting), 2012

ASUU and Dept. of Biology travel funding (AGU Fall Meeting), 2011

UU Global Change and Sustainability Center Research Grant, 2011

NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (publication above), 1999

Teaching and mentoring

Instructor of record

Biology Lab for Health Science Majors, Biology 1492 (2 sections), School of Math, Science, and Engineering, Central New Mexico Community College. 2018

Plant Identification, Red Butte Garden and Arboretum, University of Utah. 2007 & 2008

Teaching assistant positions at University of Utah, Dept. of Biology:

Evolution and Diversity of Life, Biology 2010, Drs. Lynn Bohs & Franz Goller. Spring 2012

Biophysical Ecology, Biology 5495, Dr. David Bowling. Fall 2011

Ecosystem Ecology, Biology 5490, Dr. David Bowling. Fall 2010

Evolution and Diversity of Life, Biology 2010, Drs. Lynn Bohs & David Carrier. Spring 2010

Comparative Vertebrate Morphology, Biology 3310, Dr. Colleen Farmer. Fall 2009

Evolution and Diversity of Life, Biology 2010, Drs. John Sperry and David Carrier. Spring 2009

Ecosystem Ecology, Biology 5490, Dr. David Bowling. Fall 2008

Plant Ecology, Biology 5460, Dr. James Ehleringer. Fall 2007

Undergraduates supervised:

2010: Raili Taylor

2011: Richard Malyn, Davis Unruh (high school student)

2012: Tasha Heilweil (high school student)

2013: Lori Long

Professional and research positions

Postdoctoral Scientist September 2016–present
Dept. of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, Univ. of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Independent Contractor: March 2016–June 2016
U.S.F.S Rocky Mountain Research Station, Albuquerque, NM

Postdoctoral Scientist: August 2014–September 2016
Department of Biology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

Research Assistant: July 2012–June 2014
Department of Biology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Research Assistant: December 2010–June 2011
Department of Biology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Field Botanist: Summers 2007 & 2008
Cottonwood Canyons Foundation, Salt Lake City, UT

Field Botanist: Summers 2006 & 2007
Red Butte Garden and Arboretum, Salt Lake City, UT

GIS Analyst: October 2006–May 2007
DIGIT Lab, Department of Geography, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Port Sampler: June 2004–September 2004
Marine Resources Program, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Salem, OR

Service to profession

Reviewer for: Climatic Change (1), Ecological Applications (1), Oecologia (1), Plant Ecology (2)


The Nature Conservancy, Conservation GIS intern, Salt Lake City, UT, 2006

Alaska Bird Observatory, Nesting field study intern, Fairbanks, AK, 2001


Wasatch Community Gardens, Salt Lake City, UT, 2010–2014

Lowell-Bennion Community Service Center (Univ. of Utah), 2006–2007

Red Butte Garden and Arboretum, Salt Lake City, UT, 2005–2007

Swaner Nature Preserve, Kimball Junction, UT, 2005

Columbia River Estuary Study Taskforce, Astoria, OR, 2004

Computing skills

(Bold indicates proficiency)

Applications: MS Office, ArcGIS, , Qgis

Programming: Python, R, MATLAB, Java (plus math, statistics & spatial data packages)

Web: HTML & CSS, GitHub, wiki & website administration

Operating systems: Unix/Linux, Windows, Mac OSX

Other: git, mercurial, literate programming (jupyter notebooks, RMarkdown)

Technical, field, and laboratory skills

Plant/soil/ecosystem CO2 & H20 exchange measurements (Li-Cor 6200, 6400, 7000, 7200, 7500)

Eddy covariance instrumentation and data QA/QC

Soil hydrological and ecosystem process modeling with HYDRUS and DayCent

Analysis of gridded climate and carbon cycle modeling products (PRISM, MsTMIP)

Stable isotope and nutrient analysis of plants, soils, waters, and gases

CO2 to graphite reduction for AMS analysis of 14C

Major ion analysis of water/snow samples

Datalogger and environmental sensor network design/maintenance (Esp. with Campbell dataloggers)

Weather station setup, maintenance, and quality assurance

Wireless radio and internet networks (Sierra Wireless modems, MaxStream and Digi Xbee radios)

Plant identification in Utah and neighboring states

Avalanche safety (Level 1)

Professional affiliations

Member, American Geophysical Union (AGU)

Member, Ecological Society of America (ESA)